There are usual challenges that any entrepreneur is assured he is going to encounter when he is putting up a business. As much as they are similar, they are just as diverse depending on various factors. They include the nature of the business as well as the entrepreneur himself and the way he handles the obstacles. There are numerous factors that can sabotage a new venture. This means that it is up to any business person to know the lessons that are necessary even before starting the enterprise itself.

Have well laid out plans

Having a well laid out plan is a great idea to help you remove a lot of the stress associated with entrepreneurship and there are many entrepreneurs who start businesses without solid plans. They start with just rough ideas instead of taking the time to strategize. It is vital to involve an expert in the planning process especially considering that they have the required skills and experience. They help to ensure the company or business will have a full stock of products as well as ways of getting the right employees just for it. Having plans makes sure that everything falls in place quite well including in the future.

Know that not everyone will be supportive

When an entrepreneur is just about to put up a business, he should be prepared to face people who will not be supportive of his ideas. However, this is what many other business persons have had to endure before they became successful. This is especially because most persons want a life and career that guarantees security.

Quitting is not an option

It is vital for an entrepreneur to avoid the mentality where when things get hard, he considers the option of quitting. Only those who continue to move forward actually get to enjoy the benefits of a business that is doing well. This is why this kind of life is not meant for just anyone or everyone. Whatever comes when setting up a business is what many others have had to endure and deal with. This is why the successful ones don’t consider failure an option.

A business means freedom

Those who go into business are assured that they are going to enjoy freedom. The person knows that he is going to have the freedom to work on his or her own terms. It is this extra time that one gets from a business that allows him to do what he deems important. This might include spending more time with the family. It is said that the most valuable resource that anyone has time. For an entrepreneur, time is the important factor and the success of his business is dependent on how he uses his time. It should be focused on making sure the business becomes successful and continues to be on that path.

By looking at such business lessons and sticking to what they are all about, there is nothing to stop anyone from achieving his goals and beings successful.

Last but definitely not least, check out  this motivational video below to get you pump up.


Even if they have killer credentials, many people are left wondering why they didn’t get the job they were applying for. Some would think that there are just better applicants than them. Others would think that it’s not meant for them. If you’re about to write your first or nth resume, you may be surprised to know that one of the reasons why applicants are rejected is because of major mistakes committed in writing the resume. So, to enlighten you, below are five major mistakes that many still commit. Know about them and the tips to do them correctly.

Poorly Written, Generic and Unprofessional Summary

Most employers spend less than 10 seconds in scanning each resume they read. Many resumes immediately go straight to the trash bin because the employer can’t focus on the summary, which means that it is poorly written, too generic and unprofessional. So, you need to ensure that your summary highly condensed and specific, which includes information about your skills, attributes and professional background.

Take note that the summary is the most important part of your resume. You only have one shot at it. So, write around 2 to 3 sentences to make an impressive paragraph.

Mechanical and Other Grammatical Errors

You may be having the best and most impressive credentials. However, if your resume has a lot of commonly committed mistakes, then you’re decreasing your credibility. One of the common errors is mixing up of words such as “you’re” and “your”. Others use incomplete details about the company or misspells the employer’s name. To avoid these, maximize tools such as the Microsoft Word’s Spelling and Grammar reviewer. However, auto-correction tools have their limitations. So, it would really help you if you proofread your resume. Remember that your resume is your only shot at the job. Spending time to proofread and edit it is never a waste of time.

Long Resume

Applicants that got rejected also wonder why when they have a long resume filled with years of experience and numerous awards won. Well, they surely don’t know that a resume longer than two pages is not going to land them the job they want. Remember that the resume is not meant to discuss every detail of your previous careers. It is a document that gives the employer a concise snapshot of you. So, always ensure that you write your resume with only two pages or less.

Job Descriptions That are Like Bullets

The use of bullets is one effective way to shorten and make every part of your resume concise but thorough. However, many commit the mistakes of using bullets that look like a list of job responsibilities. This is not the way to do this. Maximize bullets in making your every position look more impressive and credible. For example, if you were once an inbound marketing specialist, include under the position your clients and how much percentage in sales increase they have gained after you provided them your expertise and service.

Unattractive Format

This is a very basic part of creating an effective resume. However, many still commit the mistake of producing unattractive looking resume format. For example, many still write resumes with continuous bullets. This is a sore to the eye, which makes it hard for employers or human resource staff to easily comprehend what you’re trying to say. So, break your resume in blocks with enough white space between them. Also, use font size of 10 or 11. In this way, your resume looks clean and streamlined.


With these five major mistakes, you’ll never get the job you apply for. So, bear in mind the ways to correct them when you write your next resume. Another option is to have Advance Yourself, an Australian Professional Resume Writing Service,  do the work for you.  They have plenty of experience in resume writing and know exactly what needs to be done to help you build a resume for your success.


Bar chart business growth

The SEO industry is constantly changing and techniques that might have worked yesterday simply might not work today. And it makes sense. Google has a team of full-time workers who have the job of specifically ensuring only high quality content is served in the search results. This is a big job, especially since the internet is rapidly growing and has billions of web pages.

The unfortunate thing is that there are too many SEO companies out there that are stuck in the past and fail to modify their SEO strategies. Below, you’ll find a list of myths and misconceptions about SEO.

1. More Links Are Better Than Content

This is extreamly false. Google has updated their algorithm years ago and simply building tons of links to your website simply won’t work today. You should invest your time in creating high quality content on your website, and as a guest blogger on other sites in your industry. Today when ranking a website, it comes down to quality, not quantity.

2. The IT Guys Should Know SEO

Many business owners don’t seem to understand that SEO and IT are two different fields. Michael from Thunder Rank, which provides Toronto SEO Services states that it’s almost equivalent to expecting a Taxi driver to be an expert mechanic for your car. However, this is not the case. Understanding SEO takes experience specifically from the field of SEO and it doesn’t involve much IT related knowledge. They’re two completely separate fields and as a business owner, you can risk having your site penalized by handing the SEO work off to an inexperienced IT professional.

3. Rankings are all that matters in SEO

This isn’t true. Rankings are a major part of SEO but they aren’t everything. Click through rates, retention rates, and conversion rates are also very important. There is no point having a website ranked number one while not being able to generate revenue for your business.

4. Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords Are Super Important

These are so irrelevant today. In fact, almost 6 years ago, in 2009, Google announced that these will no longer be a search ranking factor for websites. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your Meta Descriptions. A good Meta Description can increase your website’s click-through rate so that you get much more traffic to your website.

5. There’s no such thing as bad links

Yes there is. If you build links on certain websites, you’ll see your rankings plummeted even as quickly as the next day. Therefore it’s quite important to be very careful about the sites you have links built on. Make sure they are high quality websites that are authoritative and relevant to your industry.

6. My Home Page Needs Tons Of Content


Yes, content is great. If you’re website has no content, it won’t rank very well in the search engines. However, too much content is also bad. If you’re website is too wordy, that will drive potential customers away. Today, people want information quickly. They don’t want to be digging through paragraphs to find what they need.

7. More Pages The Better

Having lots of pages for your website is great. However, too many unnecessary pages which a whole lot of similar content is bad. For example, if you’re a mechanic shop, it’s not beneficial to have a page titled “Truck Tire Repairs” and one titled “SUV Tire Repairs.” These pages are very similar and it will be better for your rankings overall if you simply combine the two together to create one long page which high quality, easy to skim through content.

8. SEO doesn’t involved Social Media

Social Media adds credibility and authority to a business and it plays a big role in SEO today. As a business, you want to make sure that your business has active social media profiles setup.

In short, remember that building authority and credibility is much more important when it comes to SEO than ever before and this isn’t achieved through quantitative efforts but qualitative efforts. So go out there and build high quality relevant content and avoid getting your business involved with the bad SEO tactics.

exercise-entrepreneurThere are so many career paths out there. You can be a doctor, lawyer, sales rep, engineer, etc. However, not one of those careers can be as stressful as being an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur can be quite stressful and can put you through a variety of emotions you never thought you could’ve possibly felt before. This is why is even more important for an entrepreneur to engage in exercise regularly to keep their mind and body in shape so that they can withstand stressful situations better.

Some types of ways to help entrepreneurs alleviate stress are the following:

Go Out And Exercise


Swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises on the planet . This is primarily due to the fact that it has limited harsh effects on your bodies joints since most of your weight is held up by the water. Swimming can really help you alleviate stress while helping you tone up your body and get in shape.

Relax In The Hot Tub

Relaxing in the hot tub while reading a motivational book is a great way for an entrepreneur to alleviate stress. Just sit back and relax, or perhaps even listen to a podcast while you get your mind of the stressful things on your mind. It might be a bit hard for you to get access to a hot tub, however, you can simply heat water in a small backyard swimming pool to make a makeshift hot tub. Check out this website on pool heater reviews for more info.


As an entrepreneur, you might not just encounter stress, but anxiety. Jogging is a great way to limit your anxiety and stress together. Moreover, it’s very good for strength building benefits, cardiovascular improvement, and burning fat. If you’re fairly new to long distance jogging, start running small distances and try to increase your distance gradually each and every day.

Stay Focused Mentally

Stay Positive

One of the greatest steps to limiting your stress is to focus on positivity. This is definitely much easier said than done but if you can stay positive, it’s been proven to reduce stress. When ever a bad situation occurs, try to look for the positive side of the situation. Try to figure out what exactly you can learn from that situation. Lastly, if you have any type of negative people in your life, it would be a good idea to distance yourself from them. As a business owner, you don’t need to be worrying about combating negative people in your life.

Focus on Progress

Often times, you might focus on doing something perfect. However, try to focus more on progress as opposed to perfection. One thing Richard Branson has had the belief that you fail quickly, fail big, learn from your failures, and move on with what you’d learned. Don’t focus so much on your failures, but focus on what they taught you and how the failure has contribute towards your overall progress.

Get into a routine

Routines will remove a lot of the stress of uncertainty from your life. With a routine of waking up, eating a certain type of breakfast, wearing a certain type of attire or doing the same task at a certain time of the day will remove the stress of uncertainty from your schedule. You’ll already know what you’ll need to do and you’re mind won’t be preoccupied with figuring out what needs to be done.



You might hear the term SEO time and time again. If you go to any type of marketing convention of conference, one of the newest, but highly effective marketing strategies is search engine optimization. But you might wonder… Why exactly is SEO so importance today vs in the past. Well, SEO has many advantages. Below are some advantages listed by our friend Jeremy with the Plumber SEO Guru team.

Cost Effectivity

If you do your keyword research properly, you will remove a lot of the stress generally associated with generating leads and increasing your business’s rankings online. The unfortunate thing is that many businesses already invest money into building a website. However, SEO is much cheaper and has a much higher ROI than a website would on its own. And to be quite honest, if you’re website isn’t properly optimized, there really isn’t much reason to have it online for a small business.

Reach New Markets

Many business owners have a specific niche that they focus on. For example, a plumber might focus on building his business strictly around referrals or providing SEO in a certain neighborhood. And that’s great and all. It’ll provide you with decent income. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, you’ll need to cater to a wider audience and dominate the search results online.

When you invest in SEO, you cater to the wide range of people that are looking for your products and services in your specific region. You will generate much more leads and you’ll have enough money flowing in to make it quite easy to hire additional staff to assist with scaling your business.

Market Credibility

Today is the information age. Many people go to the web not only to find a local business, but to also find reviews and detailed information on that company. By dominating the search results, this adds credibility to your business to let your customer know that your business is definitely one that stands out from and above the rest.

Long Term ROI

There are many other methods to drive leads to your business online. Many business might generate leads through Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Craigslist as well as a variety of many other websites. However, with SEO, it’s like building a house. The process will take time (few weeks to few months), however, the return in investment overtime will pay out.

If the SEO on your site is done properly, your site will be able to dominate the search results above your competition for months to come. This gives you a steady rate of leads that’ll flow into your business daily.

Understanding of Market Behavior

When you invest in SEO, you can potentially get a flood of traffic to your website. What this means is that you have a lot of laser targeted data from your marketplace to help you better understand the behavior of your customers. Just setup Google Analytics, setup goal tracking, and you can get a ton of insight. This can help you better cater to your target market and increase your overall conversion rates for offline and online advertisement techniques.

As you can see, there are many reasons why your business should invest in SEO today. SEO is a great way for your business to generate new leads and provide a lot of insight into your target market.


For the most part photo booths are used at parties, however, business do stand to gain from their use as well. Businesses can incorporate photo booths as a way to promote their products or services. It is however not a piece-of-cake to find ways in which potential customers can have fun in the Toronto photo booth and still support your business. There are so many interesting ways in which you can have your potential clients come away from the photo shoot with more than the fun and photos in mind.

photo-booth-for-businessIf the business can afford to do so then it can hire a celebrity to take photos with potential customers in the booth. They are bound to walk away with the exciting or warm feeling of having taken a photo with the celebrity while at the same time finding no major issue with supporting your business. In case the business can’t afford to have a celebrity or two then surprise gifts are the next best thing. Of course when the customer gets the free gift then chances are high that he/she will share the good news with other people thus creating further awareness for your business and possibly getting paying clients.

A photo booth helps draw attention to products and services in a fun, interesting way. Let’s have a look at ways you can utilize them to make the most of your business:

Add your business logo and details

You are able to add you business logo and details in form of a business card and have it attached to one of the strips that come off the printer with the rest of the clients’ photos. This will serve as an advertising tool to help attract potential clients. Since people do tend to share photos, then chances are high that other people will look at and probably pick an interest in the business being advertised.

Shared on social media

With the ongoing social media craze, a big percentage of photos taken are being uploaded to a number of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Since one individual tends to have hundreds if not thousands of friends on their social media account, whenever a photo is posted it tends to get plenty of eyeballs. Imagine if friends of the person posting also share the photo on their own accounts and have their own friends viewing and possibly sharing, the potential of possibly reaching a big chunk of potential clients is greatly increased.

The sky is the limit for ideas you can work on to make a great photo booth marketing experience for potential customers and for retaining loyal customers as well. With all the fun that comes with having their photos taken, customers will have a lasting memory of the business that made it possible. They will discuss the amount of fun or innovation that went into the entire event and have their friends and people they know pick an interest as well. As such, it is a good way to promote business.